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Trademark Registration

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Overview of Trademark Registration

  • A trademark can be a phrase, logo, design, and combination of colours or shapes etc.,
  • It denotes the uniqueness of a brand or the product and differentiate from competitors.
  • It is globally acknowledged trademark is the most valuable asset of a business.
  • With a unique Trademark, customers can easily identify your products or services among various competitors’ products.

Documents Needed

  • Authorized person’s aadhaar card.
  • Authorized person’s pan card

Benefits of Trademark registration

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Valuable Assets

Like Company’s other tangible assets trademark is very worthful for a company to protect its goods, services from infringement.

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Legal Brand Protection

Trademark registration under trademark law, protect the brand from infringement and misuse from the third party.

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Geographical Coverage

Trademark registration provides you nation-wide protection from your competitors.

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