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company registration
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Company Registration in India

We can consider the following things before we can start the business in India
1) Business activities
2) Investment amount
3) Number of persons to start the business
4) Place of business

Based on above things we can categorized the companies in following ways
1) Proprietorship Firm
2) Partnership Firm
3) Limited Liability Partnership
4) One Person Company
5) Private Limited Company
6) Public Limited Company

We can Provide All Kind of Business Registration Services

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Most of the people can choose proprietorship firm in India because it is the easiest way to start the business.
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Partnership registration is a two or more persons decide to set up the business to share the profits of the business. For more click here

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LLP is a corporate structure that contains the features of both partnership firm and company.
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A One Person Company is a company with a single person who can act as director as well as shareholder.
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A PLC is a type of privately held small business entity. Minimum of two directors in a PLC.
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MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. It is just identification of any type of business.
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GST means Goods and Service Tax. GST is a single tax that will replace all the existing indirect taxes in India.
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It is 10 digit alpha numeric unique identifier. Mainly used in banking transactions.
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Import and Export Code registration is required by a person for exporting or importing goods to outside India.
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FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India which is an independent organisation.
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DSC was called as Digital Signature Certificate. It can be used in Incorporation, Tradenark, E-Tendering.
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The main responsible for APEDA council was developing and promoting the export industry in India.
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The Spices Board was a bridge between Indian exporters and foreign importers for spices related products..
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AD Code registration

AD Code Registration will help to us in developing our business in broader market on a worldwide scale.
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Coconut Development Board

The main responsible for CDB council was developing and promoting the coconut related products.
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